MCT Oil and Weight Loss

MCT Oil and Weight Loss

What has MCT oil to do with weight loss?

Weight lost can come from a variety of sources.  For most common is temporary water lost.  When you exercise, you can lose as much as 2kg of weight.  However, it could very well be due to water lost.  When you rehydrate, for example, with an isotonic drink, you could find yourself putting back the weight you lose…. and you can get discouraged.

Focus on inches lost, not weight lost

MCT oil helps you burn more during exerciseI had this book, the Abs Diet, for a very long time.  It advocates using our muscles as the natural way to burn fat.  How? By increasing our muscle mass.

When you exercise, your muscles become stronger and you could find that your weight is not going down.  Disappointed?

You need not be.  Your muscles might be causing your weight to stay constant but you might find yourself losing some inches.  So, perhaps the focus is to loss inches.  Be in a better shape.  Better health.  Anyone who tried to lose weight knows it has to go hand in hand with being mindful of what we eat.  And you can use some help in the form of MCT oil.  MCT oil provides us with a ready fuel for our brain and body, helps trigger ketosis, which means burning of fats.