MCT Oil Benefits

What is Laurin®?

Laurin® is 100% CocoMCT.  It is pure concentrated goodness from coconuts.  For centuries Pacific Islanders have known the health benefits of coconut oil.  From Pure Coconut oil, a rich natural source of Medium Chain Triglycerides, CocoMCT® was extracted through a multi step distillation process.  The lauric acid is kept intact to preserve all the goodness from coconuts.  Being naturally liquid and flavoured-free, Laurin® is the healthiest alternative to your lifestyle, diet and beauty & workout regime.

Laurin MCT Oil Benefits

Laurin MCT Oil contains medium chain triglycerides that are 100% from coconut oil. It’s also present in mother’s milk.   Compared to long-chain fats in other edible oils, our body is able to use MCT oil fast and efficient, leveraging this good source of energy and greatly reduce the chance to be stored as body fat.

As an alternative energy source to glucose, Laurin MCT oil converts into ketones which could be a clean fuel for our brain. Add a dash of Laurin MCT Oil to your meals or spraying it over your salad as a dressing. Those on Ketogenic diet will find Laurin MCT oil as the fat they want as their optimal energy source.

It is halal and kosher certified. No GMO. No preservatives added.

Benefits of Laurin MCT oil. Buy geniune product from Singapore
Laurin MCT oil

You will enjoy these four key MCT oil benefits :

  • Flavor free
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Gives your body extra energy
  • Laurin is a powerful brain food
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MCT oil Singapore

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You Want More Energy?

Get more out of your workout!

MCT oil gives your body Extra Energy
It supplements the glycogen in the muscles, especially helpful in high intensity interval training (HIIT) or prolonged activity.